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From inviting to fresh and appetizing in the food retailing industry, to lighting designed for remote effects for fashion and the automotive industry or selective lighting for the smallest highlights: It is the sheer diversity of light and lighting technology that fascinates us every day anew.

Light imperceptibly influences our mood and guides us. Light supports orientation and creates visual highlights. In retail, light guides your customers and sets the stage for your products. It invites customers and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Customers who feel comfortable enjoy spending time in your salesrooms and experience your merchandise in the best possible light. And satisfied customers buy more and come back more often. That is what a well-conceived lighting concept is all about.

Lighting concepts are a decisive part of the sales concept. Where should the customer’s gaze be directed? How do surfaces and colours influence light? And how must the light be adapted to it? Does it make sense to use a lighting control system? Which target group am I addressing? Our experienced employees work with you to develop a sales-promoting lighting concept that puts your brand in the limelight there where it is experienced.

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